More Than 350 Free Comic Printables for Teachers from Makebeliefs

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Makebeliefs is an online educational  comic strip generator and writing skill resource for teachers. Besides using its editor to create your own comic strips, you can also use its great library of free printables to print out comics to use in your class with your students. The library has over 350 ready to use blank comics that your students  can fill in with colour and text.

" The printables encourage writing and thinking in a quick and fun way. A student's efforts to complete the printable can then become the first step in writing longer essays, poems or stories on the same subject. The printables also can be used with students enrolled in literacy and English-As-Second Language (ESL, ESOL) programs and provide an educational resource for teaching language arts. "

Here is a snapshot of the printable categories Makebeliefs offers for free for its users. Click here to access them.