MOOC explained for Teachers

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Are you new to MOOC( Massive Open Online Course ) ? Are you still grappling to come to grips with what MOOC is all about ? The short video below explains it all to you. MOOCs are an important element of today's digital learning trend. They are online courses aimed at large-scale participation and open (free) access via the internet. They are similar to university courses, but do not tend to offer academic credit. A number of web-based platforms (initiatives) supported by top universities and colleges offer MOOCs in a wide range of subjects.

They have gained so much in popularity particularly with the widespread of internet connection. Now with a computer hooked to the net and right from the comfort and coziness of your bedroom , you can get yourself tutored on any content area you want. MOOC Lists include a wide variety of courses for you to take. Check them out here

Here is a great video tutorial to learn more about MOOCs. I came across this video in Justin Tarte blog