Google Constitute Features All Constitutions of The World

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Constitute is a web project that features the constitutions of more than 160 independent country. This project is a fruit of a partnership between Google Ideas and Comparative Constitution Project. Constitute is a good resource for history teachers or any other person interested in learning and comparing the different constitutions of the world.

There are two different ways you can interact with the content of this site. You can either browse it through topics. Just click on the "topic" button and you will be directed to a page where you can choose from a wide variety of topics. Some of the topics embedded here include: elections, culture and identity, federalism, rights and duties, international law and many more. Clicking on any topic you will get constitutional excerpts related to that selected issue.

The other way you can browse Constitute is through refining your search to include only a specific country or date using the buttons under the search bar.

Which constitutions are represented in Constitute ?
Currently Constitute includes the constitution that was in force in September of 2013 for nearly every independent state in the world. Certain countries whose constitutional order consists of multiple documents, or whose constitutions are in transition, are temporarily omitted. Soon we will include many of these cases as well as a version of every available constitution ever written since 1789.

Watch this video to learn more about Constitute