A Must Read Parent Guide-Apple ID for Students

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Apple has recently published a PDF guide for parents on the importance of Apple ID and how it could be used to improve kids overall learning. I have just finished reading it and I must say that you definitely need to download it if your students and kids are going to use iOS products in their learning. Though the app is for parents but it also applies to teachers using iPad with their students.

Click HERE to download the guide. Below is the quoted introduction of this guide. Enjoy
This guide provides an overview for parents and guardians on how to manage  an Apple ID for Students on iOS devices such as iPad. It also includes important  registration information that will allow student access to necessary classroom content.
As a parent or guardian, you want the best learning environment for your student. One that makes learning relevant for each student and allows for  creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. With an iOS device from Apple, students always have access to the content they need to learn—no matter where they are. This includes their own notes and created materials, textbooks, and courses.