6 Great Academic Groups for Teachers and Student Researchers

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Today I am sharing with you some really important Mendeley groups you should definitely follow if you are interested in accessing a wide variety of academic papers and researches on several educational topics including educational technology and technology integration in education.

Here are some good Mendely groups to follow:

1- Academic Writing and Research
This is now an "Open" group. It collects published resources relating to academic writing and research -- including "how to" guides for academic writers (both students and faculty), as well as studies about/on the processes of research and of writing about research.
2- Twitter Literature
This is a group created by inger Mewburn, one of my favourite academic blogger. This group is contains a selection of the available literature on Twitter, with an emphasis on Pedagogy.

3- Social Networks and Web 2.2
Covering issues related with online social networks. Early orientation of the paper selection was for an article on student's perception of popularity online and offline. It is open for contributions and papers related to social networks, with emphasis for articles on user's perceptions studies.
4- Theories for Learning and Teaching with Technology
This group as indicated from its title, amasses a wide variety of academic papers and theses on everything related to learning and teaching with technology.

Articles about tpack (formerly tpck) - Technological, Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Visit tpack.org for more information. Please add tpack related articles to this group to help the common cause!
6- Critical Perspectives on Educational Technology
A collection of papers offering critical perspectives on educational technology, instructional technology, learning technologies, etc.