5 iPad Hashtags Teachers should Know about

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Here are some of the most popular educational hashtags on Twitter.  Using these hashtags  will enable you to stay updated about the  latest releases in the world of educational apps. If you have other suggestions or you know about other relevant hashtags , please share them with us in the comment form below and I'll add them to the list.

1- #iPadded
This is a hashtag I have been following for some time now. I check it for updates, links and resources on everything related to iPad. Most of the things shared through #iPadded are relevant for us in education.

2- #Edapps, #eduapps
These hashtags are good for teachers looking for educational apps. Though I provided the two versions of the same hashtag I personally use #edapps.

3- #iPadedu
As its name indicate #iPadedu is a hashtag for sharing tweets related to the use of iPad in education.

4- #Kidsapp
This one is for sharing links to iPad apps for kids.

5- #iPadchat
Use this hashtag to read and take part in chats around iPad.