5 Crucial Google Drive Tips for Teachers

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Today we are sharing with you some important tips that might render your work on Google Drive more productive and enjoyable. Check them out below and let us know what you think of them.

1- Save images to Google Drive
There is a handy way to save images you come across in websites to your Google Drive. Installing the "save to Google Drive" chrome extension will enable you to save images through right clicking and choosing "save to Google Drive" then selecting "save link to Google Drive" or" save image to Google Drive".

2- Attach files from Google Drive to Gmail
One of the best things about Google Drive is that it is automatically linked to other Google services like Google Plus and Gmail. Users now can attach files right from their Google Drive to Gmail emails by simply clicking on "insert files using Google Drive " button. This technique is better than the traditional way of uploading files to emails because it does not require any file size limit  because a link is generated for the email receiver to download.

3- Smart shortcuts
Here are some smart ways to access the different services on Google Drive:

  • To access Google Docs you can type : docs.google.com  
  • To access Google forms you can type :  forms.google.com
  • To access Google Presentation you can type : slides.google.com
  • To access Google Drawings you can type :drawings.google.com

4- Create and share Mindmaps
MindMeister is a Chrome app that you can use to create mindmaps and save them to Google Drive .

5- Six must have extensions to use with Google Drive
Here is a list of some of the best Chrome extensions teachers and educators can use to increase their productivity in Google Drive. Check them out HERE