4 New Google Forms Features Every Teacher should Know about

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1- Progress bars
Turning on Progress bar in your form will give respondents a sense of where and how the content of the form is progressing. This is perfect for making surveys.

To use this service all you have to do is to check the progress bar box in the Form Settings tab.

2- Data Validation
This is a great way to ensure that the data being submitted in the form is formatted correctly. For instance, if you are creating a sign-up form to collect students email addresses, using data validation will enable you to get only correct emails and will also avoid you those 'unpleasant bounce-back messages ". You can also set up data validation for maximum character count, numbers, zip codes, and more. This is how to do it :

  • Create a new Text question in Forms,
  • Click on the Data validation tab. 
  • Click the checkbox and select “Text,” 
  • “Email address,” 
Now the survey taker will see an error message if they don’t enter an email address.

3- Add custom messages
If you want to communicate a message to your students who were not able to fill out a closed form, this new feature can help you do so and very easily.After you’ve switched your form to “Not accepting responses,” you can now add your own message and instructions for follow up.


4- Embed Videos
I have just created an awesome visual guide that will walk you through the different parts of inserting a YouTube video into your Google Form, Check it out HERE to learn more.