4 Important Tools to Track and Organize Educational Twitter Hashtags

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1- Tweetdeck

This is my favourite web tool I use to organize and check my Twitter feeds. Using this app you can create columns for specific hashtags and each time you log in to Tweetdeck you will see the latest tweets shared using that hashtag. This way you can always stay on top of what is being shared in educational twitter chats.

2- Hootsuite

This is another great Twitter tool to organize your Twitter streamline and track hashtags. I personally do not find it much different from TweetDeck and you can do almost the same on both tools so whatever you feel familiar with use it.

3- Tweetchat

TweetChat is like a search engine for hashtags. You simply type in the hashtag you want to explore and Tweetchat pulls out to you all the tweets shared using that hashtag. You don't even need to sign up to use Tweetchat.

4- Twubs

This is another great tool to use to follow hashtags and to discover educational conversations taking place in Twitter. Similar to Tweechat, you can simply provide the hashtag you are interested in and Twubs does the job of bringing you all the tweets with that specific hashtag mentioned in them. Twubs also allows you to embed the hashtag feed into your blog or website.