3 Excellent Tools to Send Files to Your Dropbox

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What this app does is that it provides you with an email address for your Dropbox and allows you to send files to it from anywhere in the world. This service is free and all you need to do is to connect SendToDropbox to your dropbox account and then give it permission to access your attachment folder. You will then be generated an address email specific to your Dropbox account. Use that email to send file to your Dropbox.


With DROPitTOme you can securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox account.
With DROPitTOme you get unique upload address: www.dropitto.me/username with password protection. Also you will receive email notification when new file is uploaded. When you don't want to receive any files - simply turn off the upload feature.

URL Droplet allows you to upload links straight to your Dropbox folders. All you need to do is take a link (this especially works well if the link leads to a PDF or similar document) and paste it into the URL Droplet form.