10 Important Things for Students to Be Good Digital CIitizens

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Online netiquette, digital citizenship, and good digital manners are all components of the same internet safety kit every student and teacher should know about. Being able to plug in and browse through the digital world is one important step in becoming a global, independent learner, however, more important is the respectful and responsible use of the net.

Today's students learn  in what Howard Rheingold called social mobs. These are people who met online, most often through social media, to co-learn and peer instruct each other. They rely more on the collective wisdom than on any particular individual. Having good digital manners is a pre-requisite for members to build a reputation inside these mobs and to also develop learning ties that augment the learning potential inside these communities.

Be it a learner in a social mob or a learner in any kind of technology-mediated setting, manners always matter. Students need to understand what these manners are all about. They also need to learn how to appropriately behave while using the net. In this regard, Knowthenet has this wonderful infographic to offer you. It features some interesting tips for students to be good digital citizens. Have a look and share with us what you think of it.

manners matter