The 6 types of Questions your Students Need to Know about

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Learning is all about asking questions and finding answers to them. An inquisitive mind is one that goes beyond the status quo and probes deep below surface meanings. To foster such kind of  thinking inside our classroom requires some hard work and a serious investment in time and efforts. We, as teachers and educators, need to prepare the right environment where inquisitive minds can nourish and grow. We need to water this environment with a culture of asking questions.

Yes you can put it in your teaching plans for this new school year. Make it one of your goals that students should be able to ask different questions to demonstrate their learning. Teach them about the different types of questions and when each can be used and let them practice them all along the way. Here is a wonderful graphic that you can use with your students. this graphic features what is called the Socrative Process which includes 6 steps of questioning. Check them out below and share with your colleagues.

Check out the full graphic from TICs page