QR Codes in The Classroom- Awesome Guide for Teachers

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 QR codes are gaining momentum in education as learning tools because of many considerations most important of them all are :

  • Their easy accessibility
  • The information load they can communicate independently of geographical locations or time
  • They are very simple and easy to create and the web is full of free tools to help you create your own QR codes and embed any kind of information on them to share with others ( check for some free tools below to start with )
  • Many of the QR readers are free and can be easily found on the web
  • Scanning a QR code and decoding its content is a task that any dummy can easily do
  • Our students are excessively using mobile devices and so having access to QR codes wont be an issue
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already put together a detailed guide to help teachers make the best of their QR coding. You can access and read the guide here. I am also sharing with you another great resource in the use of QR codes in classroom. Check it in the presentation below and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy

Click Here to read the presentation.