A Useful List of Common Core Checklists for Teachers

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The Common Core Checklist is a set of guidelines for students to follow to achieve educational success. It includes taking ownership of learning, setting goals and measuring progress, making connections between different subjects and real life, developing research skills, communicating effectively, analyzing stories and texts, problem-solving, collaborating with peers, exploring ideas independently, and thinking critically about those ideas.

The Common Core checklist includes:
  • Taking ownership of learning
  • Setting goals and measuring progress toward them
  • Making connections between what you are learning in different subjects and in real life
  • Developing research skills by creating well-thought-out questions, evaluating evidence, and drawing conclusions
  • Learning how to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Analyzing stories, texts, videos, etc. to understand the underlying messages or themes
  • Practicing problem-solving to develop skills that can be applied to real-world situations
  • Collaborating with peers to complete tasks or projects together
  • Exploring ideas independently and thinking critically about those ideas

The curriculum corner has recently featured some great common core standards checklists to help teachers keep track of the standards taught in their classrooms. Check them out from the links below:

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