Google's Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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1- Google App User Groups

This is a page where you have access to a wide variety of groups of Google apps users. The goal of these groups is to provide Google Apps users with a platform where they can connect with other Google Apps users from all over the world to learn and share best practices, custom solutions, and resources from each other through discussion forums, events, and webinars.

2- Google Teacher Academy

A professional development experience designed to help educators from around the globe get the most from innovative Google technologies.

3- Google Education on Air

Connect with and learn from educators around the world using Google+ Hangouts. You have the best seat in the house.

4- Google Education Trainers
Designed for organizations and individuals to provide professional training and support to schools using Google technologies.

5- Google in Education Videos
Browse video trainings and case studies to see how educators and students are teaching, learning, and working together with Google tools.

6- Google Plus Community
Share with and learn from others using Google Apps for Education.

Learn from online courses that Google offers and create your own.

Learn more about Google Apps for Education by viewing live and on-demand webinars from educator peers and Googlers

Official Google Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Google's products and answers to frequently asked questions.