Google+ for Schools- A Must Read Guide

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Google+ for Schools is a short guide created by Eric Curts, a Google certified teacher. I have just finished reading it now and thought you might be interested in having a glance as well.This document walks you through a step by step process to learn everything you need in order to start leveraging the power of this social networking platform in schools.

It starts with how to activate Google+ account for your school then moves on to profile setting. It shows you how to  edit your Google+ Profile to update information about yourself, change your picture, or add new information and  also adjust settings to determine what people can see, how you get notified, and more.The next section is about circles. It particularly sheds light on how  you can add and organize people using Circles. The following section covers some of Google+ features such as posting, sharing, and commenting. The last part of this guide talks about Google+ communities and hangouts and provides some useful tips on how to use them.

Check out the guide from this page