Excellent Chart Featuring Useful Web Tools for The Under 13s

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Several of the web tools available online have restriction for the under 13 years old. This is really frustrating because students in primary schools are therefore restricted from using digital media in their learning. There are, however, a select few of web platforms that support this age category and provides access to the under 13 but still some of these tools require parental permission.

Mark from Mr G Online has done a wonderful work by compiling a variety of web tools that are kids friendly. He divided them int 3 categories those that are available for free for the under 13s, those available for this same age category but are paid and another section for web tools restricted to 13 and over.

Please make sure before you use any of the web tools mentioned below that you check their terms of service together with their FAQ page because TOS agreements are constantly changing and chances that some of the web tools included in the chart below might have their TOS changed to restrict the under 13 is possible.

I invite you to read the original article of Mark from which this chart is taken. His post includes a very illustrative explanation of the chart together with a comment section where many teachers and educators have been engaged in a heated discussion over this issue. Enjoy