A Wonderful SAMR Model Chart for Teachers

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Today's tip for the start of a new school year series I started a while ago here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is about SMAR model. It goes without saying that technology will definitely be  part and parcel of your teaching plan for this school year and the best way to monitor and organize your technology integration in education is through aligning it with the levels of SMAR model.

As you have learned from  "SAMR for Teachers " section, this is a learning model created to help teachers better connect pedagogy and technology through four levels: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. Think about these levels as part of a learning continuum that starts with the basic level and  goes up in difficulty to the last more complicated level redefinition.

I invite you to check our " SAMR for Teachers " page to learn more about this model. I am also sharing with you this wonderful chart ( from Technology is Learning ) that will help you learn through a set of examples how you can leverage SMAR model in your curriculum. Enjoy

Click HERE to access the original chart.