7 Useful Cloud Storage Tools to Back up Your Digital Data

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Free back up tools

1- Google Drive

This is my favourite platform for backing up my files and data. Google offers up to 15 GB of free storage capacity and there is also the possibility to pay a small fee to get more storage.

2- Dropbox

Dropbox is  another great web tool to back up your files. It allows you to save your files  and get to them from your computers, phones, or tablets. You can also use it to  edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere.

3- SkyDrive

Sky Drive allows you to store photos and docs online. You can also access them from any PC, Mac or phone

Paid back up tools

Carbonite encrypts your files and backs them up safely offsite. The service is is not free , it costs $59.99/year

This is another cool back up application that you can use to save your files online. There is no need to select the folders and filetypes you want to backup. That means all your data will be backed up without having to do anything. Accounts are $5/mo (you get a break if you pay up front for one or two years), and you can add more computers to the same account for another $5/mo

CrashPlan offers onsite and offsite backup with secure cloud storage for both Mac and Windows. CrashPlan has a 30 day free trial after which you can buy it if you want.

SpiderOak Hive is an amazingly easy way to keep all of your files in sync across your computers and mobile devices.