3 Useful Apps Teachers should Use with Edmodo

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Do you use Edmodo with your students in class? If not then you definitely need to check it out. This is a web based platform that provides you with the tools necessary to create a virtual space for your students where they can interact with each other, share resources, and enhance their learning. Think of it as an alternative to Google Classroom. I have already written a detailed guide about Edomodo, check it out to learn more.

In today's post, I am sharing with you this handy collection of some of my favorite tools to use with Edomodo. These are apps to supercharge your Edomo with many more functionalities and features. 

Class Charts Edmodo App

Class Chart is both a seating and behaviour chart that teachers can integrate with Edmodo. The seating plans you create in Class Charts are also a behaviour management tool which you can use collaboratively with colleagues to track and analyze student behaviour over time.

Edcanvas Edmodo App

Teachers use Edcanvas to flip their classroom and create engaging presentations easily. Students use Edcanvas for research projects, presentations and to demonstrate their critical thinking.

Educlipper Edmodo App

Educlipper is a great social bookmarking website that is gaining in popularity day after day. being integrated into Edomod, teachers now can easily control the digital content student bookmark and share with others and they can also specifiy who can have access to students digital content and who can share it.