3 Five Star Common Core Apps for Back to School

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1- Timed Test Arcade

Timed Test Arcade employs Pop the Penguin and a whole host of fun penguin characters to reward students with arcade game tokens each time they work on their math facts. Tests are completely automated and customizable in that addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication can be chosen or any combination of each. Problem ranges or even specific operands can be selected to allow the teacher to select precisely which facts need to be assessed. The timer can be set for the exact time desired or even turned off completely for students whose results are negatively impacted by a time limit.

For teachers, the best part of the app is that all tests are automatically scored and reports with actual copies of tests can be e-mailed or printed. This allows teachers or parents to easily see how long it is taking a student per problem and which problems have been consistently missed.

For students, the best part is that the process of gaining math fact fluency is now fun. They are not only motivated to practice in order to be able to play fun arcade games but also motivated to see their accuracy and time per problem improve. Teachers have reported that math fact challenged students time per correct problem have dropped significantly (one from 16 seconds to 3 seconds per problem), all by doing one timed test per day for less than one semester. These results are amazing and have been repeated across many classrooms.

2- The Spelling Teacher School edition app 

The Spelling Teacher School edition app fully automates your classes spelling workflow. The app includes 210 K-6th grade level word lists, fun learning activities, suggested homework assignments, student spelling practice function, testing function, and automated test scoring. This app not only saves valuable classroom time but also provides students a tool to become accomplished spellers meeting language arts common core spelling standards for K-6th grades. The all-inclusive app is targeted at classrooms that have iPad/iPod implementations and for home based learning.

3- The Time Test

The Time Test App was developed to help K-3rd grade students become comfortable telling time (both digital and analog) while meeting key common core standards for 1st-3rd grades.
  • Common Core Standard 1.MD3 -Tell and write times in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.
  • Common Core Standard 2.MD7 -Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes.
  • Common Core Standard 3.MD1 -Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest minute.