2 Useful Tools to Create Rubrics for Your Class

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1- RubiStar

RubiStar is probably the most popular tool for rubric making. It allows users to easily create rubrics based on pre-made templates. Registered users can edit and save their rubrics. RubiStar is also free .

2- iRubric

This is another wonderful rubric making platform where users get to :
  • Build a rubric in minutes using Rubric Studio. Rubric can be built from scratch or from exiting rubrics.
  • Assess rubrics in seconds. Student grades are automatically saved in the gradebook and a copy of the scored rubric with your notes is securely displayed to individual learners.
  • Share rubrics with others. 
  • Find a rubric you like and re-purpose it for your use in a few clicks
  • bookmark rubrics for future reference, or showcase your rubrics to the world on your free website.
  • Collaboratively assess rubrics with your groups, classes and other individuals.