10 Good Apps to Enhance Language Learning, Reading and Writing

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Today, we are sharing with you a set of some great iPad apps that are really good for language learning. The two basic skills emphasized here are reading and writing. I invite you to check them out and share with us if you have other titles to add to the list.

  • British Library: Treasures HD:Access some of the world’s rarest and most influential manuscripts from anywhere thanks to the British Library’s seriously cool high-def app collecting some of its most memorable holdings.
  • iTranslate:Lifelong learners who want to pick up a second, third, or fourth language will get quite a bit of use out of this handy app helping them with their vocabulary in more than 50 tongues!
  • iBooks:iBooks converts the iPad into an ebook reader, so users enjoy near-immediate access to thousands of free and paid publications both popular and obscure.
  • Instapaper:iPad enthusiasts adore Instapaper because it allows them to save their favorite blogs and websites for offline reading and (hopefully!) enjoyment.
  • Penultimate:This highly acclaimed handwriting app means no future Fitzgerald will ever lose an idea because of a lack of writing implements in the immediate vicinity!
  • Goodreader:If iBooks and Instapaper brought a bundle of digital joy into the world, it would probably resemble Goodreader and cause a bit of a family rift. Use it to indulge in anything from ebooks, Microsoft Office documents, .pdfs, audio, video, and many more media!
  • TOTALe Studio HD:Rosetta Stone TOTALe subscribers can download this free app to help them along on their language-learning voyage.
  • Reading Rainbow:Nostalgic parents who want to encourage their kids to “take a look, it’s in a book” and share a love of the written word must absolutely take advantage of the brand new Reading Rainbow resource.
  • Chronicle for iPad – a personal journal:Whether writing for public or personal consumption, Chronicle makes keeping track of ideas in a digital notebook painless and easy.
  • Goodreads:Join up with this wildly popular (and free!) social network and use the app to rate and catalog books read, currently reading, and to be read, as well as snag recommendations from other participants and automated reports.
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