10 Excellent iPad Apps for Life-long Learning

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Life-long learning is such a vast topic that is very hard to delimit and when it comes to curating iPad apps to promote it there seems to be an abundance of tittles to choose from. I have devoted an entire section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning to this topic and I invite you to explore the digital resources I have shared in it. I am also sharing with you today a bunch of useful apps to foster your life long learning plans, check them out below and let us know what you think of them. Enjoy

  • TED:Venerable open source institution TED makes its impressive suite of video lectures on every subject imaginable available on the iPad for maximum infotainment. 
  • Khan Academy:Like TED, Khan Academy features some incredible videos by experts hoping to educate viewers about anything and everything they might find interesting. 
  • iTunes U:Some of the top universities in the world contribute to iTunes U, providing open source content to keep users constantly learning. 
  • Flashcards:Put those brand new skills to the test with this amazing customizable flashcard app that allows users to write up their own quick quizzes. 
  • PBS:Watch favorite educational PBS programming anywhere, anytime, and even pick up shows broadcast only in other cities. 
  • iMovie:Channel that creativity into shooting and editing movies directly on the iPad – perfect for lifelong learners who want to share everything they’ve picked up on their educational journeys. 
  • BrainPOP Featured Movie:Because BrainPOP aims itself at kids, the app works best for parents wanting to spend time with their children in edifying ways. Every day, it features a new movie about a different subject, crammed full of fun facts and other quick tidbits. 
  • Wikipedia:The groundbreaking open source encyclopedia is available for both browsing and editing, and lifelong learners can use it to both add to their own knowledge banks and contribute to others’. 
  • AskPhil:Read and ask questions of living philosophers and philosophy experts about both the pressing questions of the day and general inquiries about the nature of life, the universe, and everything. 
  • NPR:NPR’s official app features more than just current events — iPad enthusiasts love listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading stories about the latest movements within science and culture.
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