Two Awesome Presentations on Digital Literacy for Teachers

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Literacy is a concept that is really hard to define or contain within a single semiotic field. There are also divisive views over the meaning of literacy. The traditional camp views it as the basic ability to read and write; encoding and decoding meaning from chunks of text or verbal output. On the other hand, the progressivists look at it from a different angle. For them, literacy is not divorced from the social context in which it is conceived of. Therefore, to talk about a single literacy is analogous to saying there is only one group of people populating this planet. There are several literacies, in  New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Classroom Learning  Lankshear and Knobel referred to it as  " multiple literacies".

Saying that there are multiple literacies means that the concept of literacy is not static and that new literacies appear as a response to the new emerging learning needs of each generation. In this regard, one of the important lietracies of the 21st century literacy is the digital literacy. This digital literacy is what we want you to explore today in these wonderful slides below. Read them attentively and see if you can come up with a definition of what digital literacy means for you. Enjoy