A Great Tool for Students to Create Their Own Android Apps

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Mit App Inventor  is a Google supported platform where you can get to create awesome apps using just drag and drop. It enables you to customize the look and feel of your apps, add buttons, attach objects and many more. To start using App Inventor you need to have a Google account.

App Inventor is a great intuitive tool that your students can use to create their own Android apps. The process is very easy and there are several guides and tutorials to set you on the right track. Makeuseof has recently published a detailed guide which goes over the basics of making your very own app for Android using the educational App Inventor tool. Take the first step toward learning to make apps instead of just using them.

We have also reviewed some other equally useful tools that you can use with your students to create mobile apps. Check out this resource to explore more options.

Watch this video to learn more about Mit App Inventor