8 Great Search Extensions for Students

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1- Evernote Web Clipper:
This tool makes it simple to share and save any cool or useful websites you come across while browsing.

2- Session Buddy:
 If you’ve got to stop your research to go to class or meet friends, don’t start all over. Use this extension to simply save your entire Chrome session.
3- Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark:
 Try out this extension for some help when doing online research. You’ll be able to highlight pages, tag interesting content and leave yourself sticky notes. 

4-Google Similar Pages:
Make it simple to find similar content on the web by using this extension. You’ll be able to quickly see similar pages and flip through them while browsing or doing research.
Using this extension, you’ll be able to more easily look for information on Wikipedia.
Grab small snippets of web pages and save them in Google Docs using this tool. 

7-GradeGuru Citation Manager:
It doesn’t have to be hard to manage your references and citations for a paper when you use an extension like this. 

8- Email This Page:
Use this extension to more easily share fun or interesting web pages with others or send them to yourself for use later.