5 Good Research Tools for Teachers and Students

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1- Instagrok

Instagrok is a great search engine that allows users to search for any topic and creae interactive maps with customizable facts, links, and videos.

2- Rutger's Riot

This is a wonderful animated tutorial that walks students through the process of doing research. It provides explanations and tips on how to select a topic, find sources, choosekeywords, identify citations, and evaluate sources.

3- Thinkbinder

Thinkbinder allows students to create study groups and learn collaboratively using a shared whiteboard. Students can share files, links and videos.

4- Bundlnet

Bundlnet is a tool that you can use to assemble web links and share them with others. You can also add comments to the links and assign a unique URL to share with others.

5- ReadCube

ReadCube is a desktop application that you can use to organize your files and PDFs. It resembles Mendely in that it provides a library where you can save your research literature for offline access.