4 Great Educational Alternatives to Pinterest

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1- Learnist

This is a relatively new platform that is similar to Pinterest. It allows you to visually bookmark web content into boards. This service is free of charge and all it requires is a sign up. Check out the boards we have created for this blog on Learnist to see how it works.

2- Scoop.it

This is another wonderful curation tool that works, in more or less, the same way as Pinterest. Users, after opening their account, can start creating boards where to curate and organize their scoops. Scoop.it has a handy bookmarklet that you can use in your browser to easily scoop web content . Visit our scoop.it page to see an example of how scoops looks like.

3- Edcanvas

Edcanvas allows you to structurally organize your web content into grid-like canvases. The process of integrating educational materials into canvases is pretty easy and works through drag and drop. Another important feature of Edcanvas is that it enables users to add audio comments to canvases.


This is another wonderful platform where teachers and educators can easily curate, organize and share educational content. Clippings can either be made private or public. You can also share clippings via popular social media websites like : Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Edmodo..etc