30 Ways to Use Chromebook in Education

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To help you learn more about how Chromebooks can be used in education, here is a great slide from  Tom Gierke and Becky Evans that features 30 ways teachers can use Chromebook in education. Check them out below.

1-Google Drive
  • Collaborate on Lesson Plans
  • Improve the writing process
  • Collect, share, and analyze data
  • Research tools in presentations
  • Create amazing presentations
  • Invite a guest lecturer into your classroom
2- Google Plus
  • Hold office  hours and homework help
  • Create a classroom website
3- Google Sites
  • Manage student e-portfolios
  • Use moderator to extend classroom discussions
  • Run your classroom through blogger
  • Organize and deliver curriculum
  • Help teachers manage the classroom
Check out the full presentation below