What Teachers Need to Know about Facebook Hashtags

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As was expected , Facebook has finally rolled out hashtags for its users. Just like Twitter and Google Plus, Facebook now allows users to include specific hashtags to their posts to create searchable content around different topics.

As you probably know, hashtags were first used by Twitter around 2009 and since their introduction into tweets these symbols have gained so much in popularity that nobody can imagine Twitter now without hashtags. I have already written a detailed guide on what hashtags are all about and how you can use them as a teacher.

On Facebook, you can click on a hashtag to see a feed of what other people and pages are saying about the same event or topic. If you're looking for something specific, you can search for hashtags, like #edtech, #edchat, or #education, directly from Facebook search bar. The result page you will get will also feature some related hashtags.

Some examples of Facebook hashtags: