The Best of TED Talks for Teachers to Watch in This Summer

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Whether you are lounging lavishly by the beach or camping with friends and family snatch you a couple of minutes each day and watch one of these wonderful talks.

1- Ken Robinson: 10 talks on education
This is Ken's list of his favourite TED talks that cover creative methods of learning and powerful spoken word. Watch his favorite talks

2- Ramsey Musallam: 6 talks that blew me away
Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam knows that great educational media can be nothing short of explosive. Strap on your goggles and watch his top picks.

3-Pearl Arredondo: 8 talks to spark success
Pearl Arredondo worked her way up from humble East L.A. beginnings, and as a high school teacher she now inspires other kids to do the same. Here are the talks that she thinks capture that spirit of drive and determination. Watch her list

4-Malcolm London: 4 talks that speak out
As important as they are eloquent, these four talks are poet Malcolm London’s idea of how to truly cause a stir. Watch is list

5-Geoffrey Canada: 7 talks on social change
Educator and activist Geoffrey Canada chose a powerful list of favorites — talks that address the cycles of poverty and gender violence, and offer bold suggestions for change. Watch his list

6- Bill Gates: My 13 favorite talks
When we asked Bill Gates to curate a list of his favorite talks, his first response was, “There are too many to pick, really.” Here, he's whittled it down to 13 essentials. Watch his list