The 5 Important Elements of The 21st Century Classroom

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Technology is radically transforming the way education is delivered and part of this transformation is taking place right inside our classrooms. From the ancient  one-room school to the 20th century classroom where we have been taught, the classroom, as a pedagogical concept, has never witnessed such a transformational  revolution as is the case now with the uptake of digital technology.And guess what this is only the beginning.

The pace with which technology is developing makes it really impossible for anyone to predict what kind of classrooms we will have in the next few decades. What is apparent, however, is the fact that new ways of learning are mushrooming here and there as a direct impact of the embrace of this technology in education. Mobile learning, blended learning, flipped classroom, to mention but a few, are some immediate examples that come to the surface when talking about this interactional relationship between the digital and the educational.

This excellent graphic below sheds more light on how classrooms have been transformed by technology and draws clear comparisons between several learning modes. I invite you to have a look and share with us your thoughts about it. Enjoy


digital classroom