iSeatplan- Seating Plan Organizer for Teachers

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Many teachers track their student‘s performances with some notes on a paper. Very often these notes get really messy and important information can get lost, so at the end of the  term it will be very difficult to collect all notes and provide a fair mark for each student. iSeatplan,  developed by Martin L├╝cke, is a cool iPad app which can simplify this process a lot. You use iSeatplan during or after the lesson to keep track of your student‘s  performances with just a few taps.

You can note distractions, oral contributions, forgotten homeworks, delays and missed lessons for each student. The app collects all the data and  you can recall it in the form of clear statistics and graphs to keep track of your students  performances in class. This will make it much easier to find a fair mark for your students  and to back your chosen mark if there are any doubts. So this problem is solved, but there is another big problem: many teachers have to teach  more than 100 students and learning all their names fast can be hard.  Luckily you can add pictures to your students in iSeatplan and play the Namegame with them.

iSeatplan shows you a picture of a student and you have to match it with the right name.
After the game you can see some nice statistics how well you know your student‘s names
and got (hopefully) better over time. ;)

- save information about the quantity and quality of your students contributions in class
- take notes when a student is late for class or disturbs the lessons
- review the information in an individual diagram for each student
- compare your students in an alphabetically ordered list
- learn your student's names with the "Namegame"
- free configuration of the seating plans
- supports every school system

Watch the demo below or  find additional information on the website:

Feel free to contact the developer per mail or on twitter @redtoastydev.

iSeatplan will be available for sale on the Appstore on the first of july 2013 and costs 7.99$
iSeatplan is iPad exclusive and requires iOS 6 or later. The app is optimized for the retina display.