Easily Create Classroom Wikis Using Wikispaces Classroom

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A month ago, Wikispaces announced the birth of a new service geared primarily towards enhancing teachers and students use and creation of classroom wikis. As you know, Wikispace is one of the best advertising-free platforms where one can create and host his wikis for free. Now with the introduction of Wikispaces Classroom, creating collaborative wikis for your class becomes way easier and more enjoyable.

Wikispaces Classroom puts everything you need to manage your classroom right up front, and it gets everything you don’t need right out of the way. It also features  a modern newsfeed, and a simple way to manage assignments, announcements, events, and all of your resources and work, it’s everything you and your students love about social networking but private, in your classroom, and integrated with your day to day work.

Here is a recorded webinar offered by Wikispaces to help teachers get familiar with the new features of Wikispace Classroom.