Easily Create Classroom Posters on iPad Using Pic Collage App

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Somebody has recently asked me for  a review of an app that can allow students to easily create posters on iPad. Pic Collage is the best option I recommend. With Pic collage you can take a bunch of picture and make one picture of it.

Using Pic Collage you can combine your photos in different ways . Scatter photos onto the background of your choosing or create a grid of your photos. Take the best parts of two photos to make one great one. Create a panorama or a mosaic out of multiple photos. If a picture speaks a thousand words, you can tell a whole story in a single frame with this app.

How does it work?
Select the Photographs you want to be collated onto a canvas, then you tap and swipe on screen to:
  • Arrange Photos
  • Enlarge/Reduce the Photo?s Size
  • Bring Photos to Front/Back
  • Include and Edit Text
  • Edit Photos with a host of features such as Borders, Photo Enhancements, effects, brightness, sharpness or draw.
Watch this video to learn more about how to use Pic Collage