Anatomy of A Tweet- Must See Guide for Teachers

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Using Twitter for educational purposes starts with understanding how this social networking and microblogging platform works. This is best done via going through the tutorials found in its FAQ page or through videos other volunteers created and posted in YouTube or Vimeo.

Now that your students have understood how to create their profile on Twitter, they will need to know what a tweet is all about. This is where "anatomy of a tweet" comes in handy. By dissecting the tweet into its constituent parts and showing students what each part is about, they will not only make a head start in tweeting but will also transform their tweeting experience.

Anatomy of a tweet is a phrase I learned from SandyK's blog. Sandy took the following tweet and decoded it in such a way that it becomes easier for students to know what each part represent.

Check out the Sandy's detailed post on anatomy of a tweet to learn more.