A Good iPad Fluency Graphic for Teachers

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Developing and maintaining a productive workflow while using iPad is not an easy thing to do. It does not only take knowing and installing all the necessary apps, students need to build a momentum , working on their apps and using them judiciously. Building such a momentum is a process of habituation that calls for repeated actions. It does take some time for students to get used to develop these skills but once they do their use of iPad becomes fluently productive.

langwitches has written a great post on iPad fluency and has accompanied it with the graphic below. As you can see, the graphic is not rich in data but still succinctly and smartly crafted.

Here are some of the apps included in the graphic :

1- Apps for researching, importing, analyzing, evaluating, editing, citing..etc
Google Drive

2- Apps for file exchange

3- Apps for screencasting, creating, remixing, mindmapping, reflecting, blogging, demonstrating visual thinking...etc

4- Apps for sharing with teacher, peers or global audience

Here is the graphic which you can download in PDF format from HERE. Enjoy
ipad fluency