5 Great New Web Tools for Creating Online Quizzes

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1- EQuizShow

EQuizShow is a simple and free site that lets teachers design Jeopardy-type games online.It is a great app for teachers who want a quick and easy way to engage students and have them ready for exams or assessments tests. This app will find its most use during refresher courses or for helping students review for a test.

2- Quibblo

Using Quibblo you will be able to :
  • Create a quiz, poll or survey on any topic that you choose.
  • Browse through an ever expanding world of content and take a quizzes, polls and surveys created by other members.
  • Review quiz, poll, and survey results to see how different segments of people responded.
  • Rate and comment on quizzes, polls and surveys.
  • Add quizzes, polls, and surveys to your website or social network profile.
  • Display quiz, poll, and survey results on your website or social network profile.
  • Find and connect with other people like you or different people.
3- Imagequiz
This is a website that uses the power of images to help you learn. The website contains a variety of quizzes, tagged according to topic: just select a topic that interests you from the sidebar, then select a quiz.  Each quiz will prompt you to click on a particular part of the image that you will hopefully recognize.  For example, the image might be a map of the world and the prompt asks you to click on Brazil .

4- Blubbr

Blubbr is a cool web tool that allows users to create quizzes around YouTube videos. These are basically interactive video quizzes ( called Trivs ) that you can create for your students and which they can answer while they watch the selected video clip. The quizzes are also feedback supported meaning students will get feedback as they answer each question. Here is a review I have previously written on Blubbr

5- QuizSlides

QuizSlides.com is an innovative web-based platform for multiple-choice testing. Here are some of  the features QuizSlides offers to its users :
  • Quick and easy test creation using PowerPoint.
  • Stylish and attractive look.
  • Interactive "answer until correct" test format for quizzes.
  • Choice of test formats with or without negative marking for exams.
  • Exams can be timed.
  • Test results and statistics at a glance, and downloadable results spreadsheets.
  • Designed to work well on iPads and other touchscreen devices.