5 Good Tools to Create Flip Books for your Class

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1- Pageflip Flap

PageFlip Flap allows you to transform your doc, pdf, word, movie in an interactive flipbook. It's very easy: upload your file and you will receive an email with the url to your creation. You can share this with your friend, family... by email, on your blog, on facebook or twitter.

FlipSnack allows you to turn PDF files into amazing interactive books. It’s an ideal tool for teachers and students to collaborate and share their work with parents and colleagues. Easy to embed on any website or blog, these flipbooks make classes and courses look fun and are also easy to download.


Issuu is a plublishing platform where you cam upload your documents or pdfs and turn them into a nice flipbook.

4- MixBook

This is a tool that you can use to create photo books with turning pages. Upload images from your computer or from web. You can embed your final work  into any webpage.

5- Bookr

This is another cool web tool to use when creating a photobook for your class. If you have images in Flickr then this is the ideal tool for you.