20 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Education

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For a more updated content on the use of augmented reality technology in education I am sharing with you this interesting guide from Apple which I originally shared in a previous post entitle: Augmented Reality in Education: Apps and Lesson Ideas to Use in Class with Students.

The guide features a wide variety of tools, apps, and tips on how to make the best of augmented reality on your iPad. However, most of the resources shared there can also be used on any other device.

AR Apps in Education
Source: Apple AR Guide
In the lesson ideas section, you will be provided with practical ideas on how to use AR apps to teach various school subjects including math, science, and literacy. 

According to Apple's AR guide, teachers can use AR on iPad to :
  • Spark engagement through movement and lifelike exploration
  • Visualise and experiment with abstract concepts
  • Go deeper into hidden layers and systems
  • Tell stories in a whole new way
  • Get students moving and exploring
  • See both the big picture and the details
  • Interact with resources otherwise not available
  • Complement existing curricula • Extend projects and provide challenges