18 Myths about Education Debunked

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Here is a brief overview of these "myths"

1. More Homework Means More Learning
2. More Money Means Better Schools
3. The Myth of Insurmountable Problems
4. Test Scores Are Related To Economic Competitiveness
5. Schools Alone Can Close The Achievement Gap
6. Private and Charter Schools Are Educating Kids Better
7. Teachers Are Clueless About The Content They Are Teaching
8. The “Teacher-Proof Myth”
9. Our Teachers Work Less And Get Paid More
10. Unions Defend Poor Teachers
11. Student Achievement Has Been Deteriorating For Decades
12. Teachers Are Solely Responsible For Learning
13. The Disadvantaged Don’t Have The Same Capacity To Learn
14. Schools Don’t Matter
15. Small Classes Would Produce Big Improvements
16. Teacher Preparation Matters Little For Student Achievement
117. Most Teachers Don’t Care
18. Credentials And Experience Don’t Matter. Only Content Knowledge Does

Check out the full visual from this page.