10 Handy Shortcuts You Must Be Using on Your Chrome

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These 10 shortcuts are part of a list that includes 100 tips on how to use Chrome created by Chromestory.
  1. Ctrl + Shift + Del takes you directly to the settings page where you can delete your browsing history.
  2. Press Shift and click a link – Opens the link in a new window.
  3. Ctrl + 9 takes you to the last tab open on your current window.
  4. Ctrl + Shift + B toggles the bookmarks bar on and off.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + T reopens the last tab you closed. Google Chrome remembers up to 10 tabs you closed.
  6. Alt + F or Alt + E opens Chrome settings menu (the menu you open clicking the hotdog icon, not the chrome://settings page)
  7. Shift + Esc opens the Task Manager of Chrome, which will let you monitor system usage by each tab and kill tabs you wish.
  8. Type a URL, then press Alt + Enter to open the URL in a new tab.
  9. CTRL + H = Opens your browsing history
  10. CTRL + SHIFT +V = Paste content from the clipboard without formatting (ie, pastes plain text).