Your Online Life Permanent as a Tattoo

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Your digital identity is probably the first thing your prospective job recruiter will check about you. The impression this virtual identity makes is lasting and can be decisive as to the fate of the job you are seeking.

 As teachers and educators, we do need to emphasize to our students the importance of leaving positive footprints and creating pleasant digital tattoos when using the world wide web.In this context and to provide teachers with a handy guide to use with their students in the class, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously featured " Teachers Guide to Digital Footprint " . This is basically a step by step guide to how you can teach this concept to your students and it is also accompanied with several explanatory videos.

Today, we are adding another extra resource on this topic. This is a really wonderful TED video in which Juan Enriquez looks at the surprisingly permanent effects of digital sharing on our personal privacy. He shares insight from the ancient Greeks to help us deal with our new "digital tattoos."