Write to Read - Cool Learning App

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Write to Read is an educational iPad app that helps young kids, ages 3-10, hone their reading skills through writing, specifically story creation. The app was developed based on input from teachers and leading Danish scientific researchers and is currently in widespread use in homes and schools throughout Denmark.

The Write to Read experience is based on the idea of ‘learning to read by writing’ and ‘writing and discovering’ where the child uses his current level of written language abilities to create text to accompany pictures taken with the iPad camera. For the younger set, the app features a recording function so stories can be expressed verbally and subsequently put into writing with the assistance of an older sibling or adult. The end result is a digital book, created by the child, that can be proudly shared with family and friends.

Write to Read is an ideal addition to any family’s app library, especially as the days of summer become filled with adventure and fun, making way for great story writing, reading and sharing opportunities.
Watch Write to Read in action