This is how to Embed YouTube Videos in your Blog

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Updated in February 2022

Videos are the preferred form of data consumption for many people. According to Statista, in the year 2020 the number of YouTube users worldwide reached an estimate of 2.1 billion users. In the same year, over 500 hours of videos were uploaded to YouTube every minute. These mind boggling statistics speak volumes of the increasing popularity of digital video content among netizens. 

As teachers and educators, we know for fact the importance of videos in our professional practice. Students love it when lessons include videos and this usually translates into higher levels of participation, motivation, and engagement. 

How to embed YouTube videos in Blogger posts

YouTube is definitely one of the best video platforms where you can search for and access free educational video content to use with your students in class. There are even some excellent tools that you can use to optimize students video watching experiences such as Safeshare TV (for watching YouTube videos in a safe and student friendly environment) and Watch2gether (for streaming videos for the whole class).

However, the purpose of my post today is not about the educational potential of videos but rather how to embed video content and more specifically YouTube videos into your Blogger blog posts. As such, this post is a follow up to the previous post in which I explained the process of creating a classroom blog using Blogger

Assuming that you have already read the post, set up your blog on Blogger, and have a basic knowledge of Blogger post editor, now, you will learn how to add YouTube videos to your posts. However, before you add video content that is not yours to your posts, make sure you ask for permission and that you properly credit your sources. 

How to embed YouTube videos into your Blogspot blog?

If Blogger is the platform you have chosen to host your class blog, then there is an easy way for you to embed YouTube videos and other video content into your posts. The process is simple and easy and you will do it right from the post editor. 

There are two ways to add YouTube videos to your  blog posts on Blogger : Upload or from YouTube

1- Upload

If you have video content saved in your computer you can easily upload it to your Blogger posts. Simply open the post editor, click on the video icon and select Upload from computer. You can either drag and drop or click on 'Choose a video to upload' to select a video from your folders.

Embed YouTube videos in blog posts

2- Add videos from YouTube

The second way is to add videos from YouTube. You can do this in two ways: The first way is simple and easy. Open the post editor, click on the video icon and select YouTube. Type in your search or click on a video in case you have a video channel. 

The second way involves using an embed code and is  recommended for those  who have at least  the basic HTML knowledge. Here is how it works: Go to YouTube, open the video you want to embed then click on Share. Next, click on  Embed and copy the embed code. 

YouTube embed code

Now back to your post editor where you need to click on HTML button at the left corner of your editor and paste the code where you want it to appear in the post.

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