RaySupreme- Create your 3D World

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RaySupreme is the first product of its kind that enables users to create 3D work by simply typing English text, dramatically changing the 3D development process. People who are not experienced in 3D can quickly and easily create complex scenes and environments. This new approach to 3D graphics is called Text-to-3D.

We see RaySupreme as the perfect platform for students who are looking to start creating in 3D as it is a very easy product to learn due to its unique Text-to-3D technology. Every student would have the ability to create a 3D object, scene or world by simply typing text via their keyboard.

Imagine the possibility of creating a complete “modern day” scene like a living room environment by typing your text description of it. Now imagine typing an alternative year like the 1920's, then watching while your scene renders to another time in history. No programming, no special skills required - just your imagination and simply typing text.

RaySupreme includes all of the features of graphics products that cost hundreds of dollars or more. It is available for Mac OS X, Windows 7/8 and Linux and includes: primitive objects, polygonal modeling, lathe, extrude, Boolean operations, smoothing, materials, and much more. The rendering engine includes final gathering for global illumination, caustics, photon mapping, time-based lighting, procedural sky, simulated effects such as sun, stars, fog and haze, and multithreading.
Currently RaySupreme is available on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms for $39.99