A Must Have List of Resources on Digital Citizenship for Teachers

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Today, I am sharing with you Edutopia's resources on Digital Citizenship. These articles are really a treasure trove of insightful knowledge on everything you and your students need to know about digital citizenship. Check them out below and make sure you book mark them for future return visits :

Cyber bullying

The Importance of Netiquette

1-Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom
Blogger Mary Beth Hertz believes that teaching digital citizenship and internet safety is a lot more meaningful when students can engage in authentic online experiences.

2-The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Social Media
Blogger Andrew Marcinek reflects on social and digital media integration into the lives of teachers and students.

3-Behaveyourself.com: Online Manners Matter
Netiquette becomes a key part of education.

4-Beyond Emily: Post-ing Etiquette
Educators offer guidelines for promoting good online behavior.

Internet Safety

1- Social Media Guidelines
Instructional technologist Steven Anderson suggests integrating social media into education, district by district, through a sensible best practices approach.

2- How to Talk About Life Online
Tips for teachers to help students be safe on the Internet.

3- Common Sense Tips for Digital Generation Parents
Five practical pointers from Common Sense Media to help parents understand and manage the lives of their digital kids.

4- Sage Advice: Child Safety on the Internet
Edutopia users weigh in on how they teach their kids to be safe online.

Teaching Bullying Prevention

1-Bullying: How Educators can Make Schools Safer
Schools can reduce incidents by adopting a schoolwide anti-harassment policy with a social and emotional perspective.

2-Fear Factor: Harrassment Hurts
The effect of bullying goes beyond simple schoolyard scuffles to cause lasting emotional wounds.

3-Michael Pritchard: Lessons from the Heart
A champion of social and emotional learning reaches out to students.

4-Student Pledges: Preventing Harassment and Bullying at Your School
Kids taking pledges in fall can help prevent harassment and bullying throughout the school year.

5- Peace Helpers Become Classroom Problem Solvers
At Brooklyn's PS 24, fourth and fifth graders resolve playground conflicts and train younger students to be peacemakers in their classrooms.

6-Teaching Tolerance: Meet the Teacher Who Started Gay-Straight Alliances
 Teacher Bob Parlin launched the first gay-straight alliance in a public school. Today, this national network provides a powerful dose of social and emotional learning for students of every orientation.

7-Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School
An educator's guide to websites, organizations, articles, and other resources for combating bullying.