8 Wonderful Videos on Curiosity for Teachers

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Fostering a sense of inquiry and exploration  does require some conscious efforts from our end.One of these efforts is to understand what curiosity is all about and learn how others used it to achieve glory and success in their life. For this purpose, we are sharing with you some inspiring videos from popular personalities from all across the spectrum. These videos are offered by Curiosity Discovery.

1- Tiffany Shlain Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

2- Dr. Michio Kaku Theoretical Physicist and Author

3- Dr. Astro Teller Director of New Projects, Google

4- Elie Wiesel Nobel Peace Laureate, Boston University Professor

5- Robert B. Gagosian President & CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership

6- Jill Tarter Director, Center for SETI Research, SETI Institute

7- Dr. Dean Ornish Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

8- Andrew Weil M.D. Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Integrative Medicine Thought-Leader