6 Tips Teachers Should Be Able to Do on Google Docs

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Here is a round-up of the new hacks you can do on Google Docs\ Drive.

1- Preview Docs
A couple of months ago, Google Drive introduced the option of previewing your docs before you open, share or download them. To preview your doc, click on the check box next to it and right click on the file name then click on preview, see snapshot.

2-  Open Word docs files in Google Docs
To open a Word document ( Docx) that is uploaded in your Google Drive all you have to do is tick the box next to it , right click on the file name, select " open with " then click on " open with Google Drive "

3- Automatically convert files to Google Docs format
To automatically enable Google Drive to convert any document you upload to Google Docs format, you need to click on the sprocket  icon on the upper-right  side, click on " upload settings" then select " convert uploaded files to Google Docs format".
(click on the pic for full view )

4- Organize  your uploaded files
To make it easier for you to  find the files you have uploaded to your Google Drive, you can use the " sort" button top right hand side. See screenshot

5- Create a PDFs from your docs
To create a PDF using Google drive all you need to do is to click on " create" , "select document".
Write your content then when you are done click on " file" ,  " download as" and choose " PDF. You can also download it into different document formats such as : plain text (.txt). rich text format (.rtf), Microsoft Word (.docx) and so on.

6- Use Google Docs offline
To be able to access and edit your uploaded docs in Google Drive, you need to enable the offline option. This is how to do it
Log on to your Google Drive account and click on " more " menu

Click on " offline" .If you already have the Drive Chrome web app installed all you have to do is to click on " enable" .